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Athletes 4 Cancer was founded over 5 years ago to provide dedicated care to cancer patients. We identify opportunities and untapped potential in cancer research to offer pragmatic solutions to cancer patients.

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Our Mission

The mission of Athletes 4 Cancer is to help cancer patients avoid falls, and live independent, fulfilling lives.


Our aim is to reduce behaviors thorough psychosocial techniques, improve hydration and etc.

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Athletes 4 Cancer offers cancer care for patients diagnosed with various cancers. We offer specialist nurse-led care to all our patients. Our professional caregivers focus care on persons living with cancer and undergoing treatment. They monitor and track health changes, responding to urgent needs as they arise.

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Jennifer Hutson

The Founder and CEO

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Beth Huffson

Assistant CEO

David Papers

Lead Therapist

David Peters

Professional Nurse

“We offer high quality cancer care for patients living with cancer. We’ve helped thousands of cancer patients live comfortable and fulfilling lives, significantly enhancing their quality of life.”
Jennifer Hutson
Founder and CEO