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Frequently Asked Questions

Our in-house Occupational Therapist helps patients move around their homes safely. The professional advices on the best equipment for safe mobility around a patient’s home. The professional also recommends adaptations that can ease the life of our patients.

We guarantee sensitive and discreet sensitive personal care such as hair styling and manicuring nails to promote self-esteem. Bathing and dressing services are also done discreetly.

We plan and cook meals that meet unique patient needs and facilitate social home arrangements. We have a team that handles domestic tasks and pet care. We also ensure that patients engage in community events to improve their social network.

We’ve also integrated technology into our processes to improve patient care. We proactively respond to issues as they arise through our online community.

We monitor health outcomes to improve the quality of care offered. Our team updates care plans, manages medication, takes daily care records, and monitors hydration and nutrition through the online platform.

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