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Perfect Ideas to Keep Cancer Funds Safe

Cancer is a monster and a roll-a coaster of a disease. It emotionally, socially, and financially drains to a point you have to live from hand to mouth.
We have people who lived good life only for cancer to come and clear everything they saved in the name of medical bills and cancer diet.
Without comprehensive health insurance, you have no option but to seek funds from friends, relatives, and well-wishers to help you meet the financial obligations.
Cancer treatment is expensive, explaining why some organizations are established to help people in their treatment plans.
The organizations solicit funds using various ways to give cancer patients to meet their financial obligations.


Some of the methods include

  • Marketing campaigns
  • Paid events like marathons
  • Promotional gifts
  • Corporate and individual support
  • Donations from international donor organizations

The method of raising funds depends on the type of organization and the type of activities you do. 
Some donor organizations are specific on the kind of funding.

Therefore, here are some things you should have to stay in line with financial supporting companies

  • Have a legit nonprofit organization
  • Send proposals for comprehensive detail on how to intend to use the money
  • Have proper accountability procedures
  • Have a pictorial presentation of what you do
  • Have a website for quick communication

You have the organization; you have met all the requirements to an extent you have donor funds trickling in your account.
That is not a blessing, but another problem created. We have hackers out there waiting for your weakness in the financial system to clean up the account within seconds. What are some of the preparations you have put in place to prevent this?

What are some of the preparations you have put in place to prevent this?

1. Engage financial security experts

Matters security we live to the experts, they have knowledge, guides, and tricks on what to do to have full-time money protection.

You can subscribe to a financial policy at a small fee that will give you value for money. They work as per the policy period to provide customized financial security support.

Having them onboard gives you time to focus on more ways of getting funds to support cancer patients without ever checking your bank accounts for any crime games.

What do they do?

  • Provide 24/7 financial monitoring support
  • Checks detect and monitor the dark web market
  • It gives a comprehensive credit alert system on text message or email message service
  • Ensures privacy and confidentiality monitoring tools
  • Notifies you of any financial transaction for approval
  • Personal identification system activities

What else do you need from a financial expert? Pay that small fee and stay away from the headache of financial monitoring.

2. Integrate insurance plans

Financial insurance companies come in handy to cushion you in case of any eventualities. You can choose to keep the money in a bank where they have an insurance plan in case of any liabilities.

Although this is a good option, you have to be sure of the kind of cover you get into. Read between the small lines and understand the type of cover lest you get disappointed when you lose your money.

The insurance plans have different categories of what they cover. Go for the comprehensive one to be on the same side. The money-back-guarantee clause should be explicit.

4. Empower employees on system breaches

Your employees are vulnerable to such attacks when they have little information. Empower them on the dos and don’ts with legal backup in case of a breach of finance contract.

You can’t afford the legal battles with cancer funding organizations when money goes to the wrong hands. Use the bank’s way of doing things to ensure that the top financial managers are involved in economic issues.

3. Stay safe with online platforms

With digital technology at the comfort of our homes and fingertips, you are prone to access crucial information anywhere.

Do you know the free public wi-fi are a catch points for cyber attacks? Do you know some are criminals behind the free internet?

Although there is the temptation, always access your company bank accounts in safe environments.

Here are a few online safety tips

  • Never use public-wi-fis
  • Have strong passwords and change of tern
  • Have three-point authentication tools, which include a phone verification
  • Detect, monitor, and remove phishing emails and scamming tools
  • Never share personal and company information with strangers
  • Incorporate a robust internet security

5. Integrate an elaborate financial system

A weak financial system is a point of attack or even employee theft. The criminals are also in the organization.

Do you know why it’s challenging to rob banks? In case any happens, we say it’s an “inside job.” That is what a system should be; it should be a one-person show. That’s a financial time bomb.

The digital market has many options; the free ones have limited features; it’s better to try the paid ones; it’s money we are talking about here. You can’t afford to gamble with it.


6. Explore financial options

Before you choose a financial partner on security matters, have many options at hand, then decide what works for you.

Go the tendering way and have them on board as they explain the service they offer. As you do that, have a list of the expectations of the financial firm you want to contract.

With that, it’s not easy to get swayed by the sweet words of the marketing team.

Getting the cancer money from financial institutions is one thing and keeping t safe for it to be used by the target audience is yet another headache.

It becomes an issue when you aren’t prepared with financial systems that include experts in the industry to help out.

As you rely on outside help, it’s also essential to have a resident financial expert in providing progress reports and detecting any lapses with the contracted firms.

Have a clause that protects you in case of a breach of contract.